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AmpTech introduces its amp, pedal, keyboard, and guitar repair and set-up service in the San Jose, CA area.

Customer Feedback

I have to say that the Yamaha keyboard is doing great. I thought it was dead for good and repairs would have been too expensive. I was ready to throw it away, but you brought it back to life…and for next to nothing! (I think you need to charge more for your services).   Anyway, thank you so much and I’ll pass the word along (to other musicians) about you business.  - Julio Garcia, Sunnyvale


I have a vintage solid state Kustom amp that is at least 40 years old. I was told by three other amp repair shops that I would have to pay for 3 hours of labor just to figure out what the problem was. I left my amp with Chris and he was able to track down some schematics, locate the problem, and found some modern replacement parts. A week later my amp was working again. The price was very reasonable and I am impressed with his electronics knowledge and diligence. Thanks, Chris!  - Paul Baca, San Jose


Chris has repaired several items for me ranging from vintage synthesizers, drum machines and guitars, to modern day samplers. His skills, insight, communication, and rates are top notch. A true blessing to the local community of musicians in need of his services. - Lance Hill, USAforLSD  Oakland, CA


I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your help in bringing my Selmer Thunderbird MKII amp back to life. Your invaluable assistance over the phone advising me to look for cold solder joints on this vintage amp provided the missing link that led me to find the soldering needed. Not only did you save me a trip hauling this heavy beast to your shop, but the fact that you did not charge me a nickel is a testament to your good character.  

I will heartily recommend you to any and all.  - Rick Almerood, Freemont


AmpTech was created to bring a reasonably priced guitar, amplifier, keyboard, and pedal repair service to musicians in the bay area, and is located in Campbell, CA. We are in a throw-away age, but that should not be the default case; spending a little to extend the usable life of a loved amp or instrument is the "green" thing to do. To find out more about AmpTech see About Us.

 My repair prices are very reasonable and I would be happy to look at your faulty items and quote for repair. I used to perform a 30 minute assessment/repair for $35, but with the set-up time, pick-up, drop off, and of course repair, this has become non-viable.

 I would be happy to look at your faulty items and quote for repair. The services I offer include:

I provide free advice you as to whether or not I think the repair is economically viable for personal use or sale before starting a repair.

I have had to stop doing solid-state amplifiers unless they are vintage as it is almost impossible to work on high output power units due to the way that large arrays of transistors have been packed in, especially rack-mount/compact units.


Please contact Chris Hewitt to discuss your requirements