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Chris HewittChris Hewitt

Chris brings many years of experience in the audio electronics repair industry to the team.

Chris Hewitt

AmpTech was created to bring a reasonably priced guitar, amplifier, and pedal repair service to musicians in the bay area, and is located in Campbell, CA. We are in a throw-away age, but that should not be the default case; spending a little to extend the usable life of a loved amp or instrument is the "green" thing to do.

Tube guitar amps have seen a resurgence in popularity, and the vintage ones keep increasing in value. These amps generate a lot of heat and the tubes are fragile, so regular servicing is a must. 

Having obtained a UK college degree in electronics in the 70's when tube's were king and transistors were the new upstart, I went into the audio servicing business.  I gained extensive hands-on experience and gradually migrated to digital electronics. The digital electronics career took me to mainframe computers and their storage subsystems. Learning to program these systems brought me to Silicon Valley as a software tools development engineer, and development manager which morphed into professional services program management.

More recently I have come back to my roots and combined my love for the guitar with a renewed interest in the electronics around guitars. It has been great fun taking old and defective transistor based distortion pedals and bringing them back to life, or getting tube and solid-state amplifiers going again (especially the tube ones). I then decided to take this hobby and make a small business from it such that others can benefit from an efficient local service at a reasonable price.


We are located in the far west end of San Jose, California, on the edge of Campbell and Saratoga